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Saturday, 31 August 2013

What Is Powerbank?

 What is powerbank? Powerbank is a device used to put energy into a seconday cel or rechargeable battery by forcing an electric current throught it. Powerbank usually come with a USB cable. You connect it to a power source such as a laptop or power socket to charge the powerbank. You carry the charged up powerbank and the cable in your pocket, purse, backpack, briefcase or whatever and use it to charge the phone (using the same USB cable) when you see the battery meter sinking into zero.

      Powerbanks are rated in mAh, just like the battery in your cellphone. mAh is short for milliAmpere/hours. It's a measurement of the amount of energy the battery can store. The one with 8400mAh can store double the amount of energy that the one with 4200mAh can store. They have 70% to 80% efficiency and the rest of the energy is lost to heat. This means, for instance, that a 3600 mAh powerbank wouldn't completely fill your 3600 mAh phone battery. Even a 4000 mAh unit would fall a bit short (do the multiplications - even 0.80 x 4000 is less than 3600). On the other hand, you'll probably hook up the powerbank before your battery is completely dead. It’s common to get the biggest mAh for your powerbank, if it suite your pocket money.

      User may be confused with various brands and type of portable powerbank which are available in the market today if he or she is not familiar with battery know-how. Do you know that powerbank is different from one to another even though the battery capacity is exactly the same. It’s different in terms of size, cell quality, compatibility, cell grade, pricing as well as the internal safety design PCB circuits.

      Safety is a concern as low grade power cells can be exploded if over-charged. The current market today as we know it is full of low grade powerbank with uncertain quality and uncertified safety measures, so it is advisable that user give a think to opt for powerbank using 1st tier high grade Lithium-Polymer battery due to its stable elements and safety assurance as long as it is affordable. We don’t want our powerbank explode and harm our gadget. Or in worst case scenario, harm ourself.

      Overall, before purchased powerbank you need to consider this criteria :
  •  Quality
  •  Safety
  •  Reliability
  •  Product design
  •  After sales service
      If you have budget and concern about power depleted for your need to buy powerbank as soon as possible. This tiny little thing will come in handy when you need it. Believe me, it’s worthy to own powerbank.

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